NewSteps 3026 CD   

Arturo serra     happy times


arturo Serra   vibraphone

antonio gonzalez   alto sax
Juan Galiardo   piano
pedro campos   bass

santi colomer   drums

1 billy (reuben brown)

2 central park west ( john coltrane)

3  to wisdom to the prize ( larry willis)

4 give me a chance (arturo serra)

5 happy times ( freddie hubbard)

6 milestones blues ( arturo serra)

7 where are you ( roy hargrove)

8 playground for the birds ( donald brown)

9 second thoughts ( mulgrew miller)

1 body and soul

2 emily
3 amsterdam after dark
4 memories
5 no recuerdo abril ( I¨ll remember april)
6 noche de ronda
7 el cajon
8 silver serenade
9 very early
10 time was
11 amsterdam after dark (alternate take)

1 warrior  (tony williams)
2 good morning heartache (I.Higginbotham, E. Drake, D. Fisher.)
3 lost in the cavern ( arturo serra)
4 my secret passion ( duke pearson)
5 I didn´t know what time it was  ( R. Rodgers, L. hart)
6 518 ( kenny barron)
7 the big push ( wayne shorter)
8 aladin ( arturo serra)
9  I didn´t know what time it was    (alternate take

1. Himno   (P.Cortejosa)
2. Two Reasons  (A.Serra)
3. Balzac  (P.Cortejosa)
4. Alternating  (A.Serra)
5. Mara (P.Cortejosa)
6. Tomorrows (A.Serra)
7. Tanto que decir  (C.Pino)
8. Danza (P.Cortejosa)
9. Extravío (P.Cortejosa)
10. Advertence (A.Serra)
11. Giant Steps (J. Coltrane)

1 promenesca

2 nós e o mar 

3 copacabana de sempre 

4 rio 

5 ningem 

6 amanhecendo 

7 o barquinho 

8 o Brasil precisa balançar
9 Você 

10 Ah! Se Eu Pudesse
11 ningem   alt.take  
12 bye bye brasil 

13 nara

1  Mi regalona                                                                
2  Soturno   
3  Espejismo del agua                                                    
4  La Soñadora  
5  Mira las rosas              
6 Siempre y nunca más                                                
7  Un viento                                   
8  Malvas reales                                                             
9  A flower  is not a flower*     (R.sakamoto)

1   many sources (A.Serra)
2   bridge na donu (J.Bergonzi)
3   your goal  (A.Serra)
4   nobody´s human (J.Bergonzi)
5   follow the dream (A.Serra)
6   backsteps  (A.Serra)  
7   gorfress (J.Bergonzi)
8   mine fields (A.Serra)
9   gonzism (A.Serra)
10 bafandine (J.Bergonzi)
11 backsteps alternate take  (A.Serra) 

1  Reminder blues (A.serra)
2  Rain steps  (A.serra)     
3  Nebulosa (A.serra)    
4  cifu (A.serra)    
5 The sealer ( Milt jackson)  
6 Small confussion (A.serra)  
7 A point in the desert (A.serra)  
8 Body (Perico sambeat)
9 Bobby and Shiva (A.serra)
10 Harrelism (A.serra)  
11 Slam (Gene Kee)
12 Garden city (A.serra)
13 Saint bull  ( A.serra)
14  Rain steps (alternate take)

1 They All Laughed
2 How long has this been going on?
3 but not for me
4 Isn't It A Pity
5 Fascinating Rhythm
6 oh! lady be good
7 our love is here to stay
8 Someone to Watch Over Me
9 A foggy day
10 They Can't Take That Away from Me

1  Gangi
2  Velo de Lagrimas
3  Las golondrinas  
4  Jilguero  
5  La buena sombra
6  Miramar
7  Verdeo
8  Rumor del silencio

1   Ewig ( Carra)
2   You do something to me ( C.Porter)
3   Stella By starlight  (V.young)
4   Pajaros perdidos (Carra) 
5   Autum tales (Carra)
6   The sheik of Araby ( H.Smith)
7   The kiss ( J.Sill)
8   ad astra per aspera (Carra)
9   good morning, heartache  ( I. Higginbotham)

1  starting over ( head start)  
2  for you mom and dad
3   Montana  
4   Little b´s poem
5   Same shame
6   isn't this my music around me
7   8/4 beat
8   pompeian  
9  ´Til then
10 Rosemary , Rosemary
11 imminent treasures

NewSteps 3024 CD   

 Arturo serra     amsterdam after  dark

Arturo serra vibes
Albert palau  piano

Ales cesarini  bass

Mariano steimberg  drums

NewSteps 3023 CD   

Arturo serra  vibes sextet       Warrior


arturo Serra   vibraphone

antonio gonzalez   alto sax
Juan Galiardo   piano
pedro campos   bass

santi colomer   drums

NewSteps 3022 CD   

Pedro cortejosa & Arturo serra   Intercambio

pedro cortejosa  tenor sax

arturo serra  vibes
carlos pino  guitar

david gonzalez  bass
Joe Quitze  drums

NewSteps 3021 CD   

Celia mur  sings roberto menescal


Celia Mur  voice
Arturo Serra  Vibraphone
Juan Galiardo  piano
Ales Cesarini  bass
Mariano Steimberg  drums and percussion

NewSteps 3020 CD   

Luis Balaguer - Arturo Serra  Un Viento


Luis balaguer guitarra

arturo Serra   vibraphone

NewSteps 3019 CD   

Arturo serra     five trees


Arturo Serra   vibes
Jerry Bergonzi  tenor sax
Juan Galiardo   piano
Dave Santoro  bass
Andrea Michelutti   drums

NewSteps 3018 CD   

Arturo serra     Nebulosa


Arturo serra  vibes
Julian Sanchez  trumpet
Enrique Oliver tenor sax
Juan galiardo  piano
Marko lohikari bass
Xavi Hinojosa drums

NewSteps 3017 CD   

Arturo serra Meet Celia mur  Gershwin songs


Arturo serra  vibes

celia mur voice
Juan galiardo piano
reuben rogers bass
gregory hutchinson  drums

NewSteps 3016 CD   

Luis Balaguer   VERDEO


Luis Balaguer guitar
Arturo Serra Vibraphone
Pedro cortejosa saxo
Jose Lopez  Bass
David leon drums

NewSteps 3014 CD   

Arturo serra     BOBBY !


Arturo Serra vibes
 Juan Galiardo piano
Enrique Oliver tenor sax
Marko Lohikari bass
Xavi Hinojosa drums

NewSteps 3025 CD   

Arturo serra     plays  fred hersch


arturo serra       vibes
gareth lockrane  flutes
jose carra          piano
marko lohikari       bass
ramon prats     drums

Disc 1                               
1 Echoes
2 Days gone by
3 Sarabande
4 Endeless stars
5 At the close of the day
6 B´s groove
7 To soon

1 So tender  ( Keith Jarret)
2 D & D    (Polo Orti)
3 Tramonto  (Ralph Towner)
4 To be good To be thruth  (Arturo Serra)
5 Elm (Richie Beirach)
6 Dream to remember  (David Lenker)
7 Song to sing (Jose Carra)
8 Lenore (Chick Corea)
9 Fable (Bebo Ferra)
10 Waltz for debby (Bill Evans)

NewSteps 3013 CD   

Jose Carra & Arturo Serra     Tramonto


Jose Carra piano

Arturo Serra vibes

NewSteps 3012 CD   



Pedro Cortejosa   saxo tenor , soprano , loops , melodica
Javierbermudez bass
David Leon bateria , percusiones ,wave drum , voces

1 Kenny´s Mood       (J. Galiardo)

2 The girl from Ipanema  ( Jobim)

3 Otaru Souko           (J. Galiardo)

4 So in Love               (Cole Porter )

5 Blues for Dave       (J. Galiardo)

6 I fall in love too easily    (S. Cahn & J. Styne)

7 Window Fall             (J. Galiardo)

8 I hear a Raphsody  (G. Fragos, J. Baker & D. Gasparre)

9 Buenas noches por venir  ( J. Galiardo)

NewSteps 3011 CD   

Juan Galiardo  Juan Galiardo


Juan Galiardo piano

Jerry Bergonzi tenor sax
Joe magnarelli trumpet
Dave Santoro bass
Andrea Michelutti drums

1 Star Eyes  (Gene DePaul , Don Raye)
2 In a mellow tone  (Duke Ellington)
3 It's You Or No One  (S.Cahn,J. Styne)
4 Sophisticated Lady  (Duke Ellington , Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish)
5 East of the sun  (Brooks Bowman)
6 Tenderly  (Walter Gross , Jack Lawrence)
7 Like someone in love   (Jimmy Van Heusen)
8 Shiny Stockings  (Frank Foster)
9 Who Can I Turn To?  (Anthony Newley , Leslie Bricusse)

NewSteps 3010 CD   

Arturo serra     standards session  II


Arturo Serra   vibes
Juan Galiardo   piano
Dave Santoro  bass
Andrea Michelutti   drums

NewSteps 3009 CD   

Arturo Serra &  jose carra  songs 


arturo Serra   vibraphone

Jose Carra piano

1 All of You  (Cole Porter)
2 Recordame (Joe henderson)
3 Lover   (Richard Rodgers Lorenz Hart)
4 Never let me go  (Raymond Evans and Jay Livingston)
5 On Green Dolphin Street  (Kaper, Washington)
6 Ugly beauty  (Thelonius Monk)
7 Witchcraft (Cy Coleman , CarolynLeigh)
8 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes  (Jerome  Brainin , Buddy Bernier)
9 All of You  Cole Porter (alternate take)

NewSteps 3008 CD   

Arturo serra     standards session  I


Arturo Serra   vibes
Juan Galiardo   piano
Dave Santoro  bass
Andrea Michelutti   drums

1 Loud-zee (Jerry Bergonzi)
2 Goodbye pork pie hat (Charles Mingus)
3 Summer´s end ( Ralph Towner)
4 Retorno (Carlos Pino)
5 Cerebellem (Jerry Bergonzi)
6 Johnny´s Progress (Jerry Bergonzi)
7 Time remembered (Bill Evans)
8 Omi (Nick Bockrath)
9 windows (Chick Corea)
10 Ambrosia (Kenny Barron)
11 Retorno alternate take (Carlos Pino) 

1 Hey, It´s Me You´re Talkin´to (V. Lewis)
2 Seeker (Oscar Brashear)
3 Love Letters (Victor Young,Edwar Heyman)
4 Autumn Serenade (Peter De Rose, Sammy Galop)
5 Prelude To A Kiss (Duke Ellington, Irvin Gordon)
6 Dodo´s Waltz (Dodo Goya)
7 Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum (Wayne Shorter)
8 Peace (Horace Silver) 
9 Very Early (Bill Evans)
10 Prelude To A Kiss alt.take (Duke Ellington, Irvin Gordon)

1  Holding Hands  (Mulgrew Miller) 
2  I Only Have Eyes For You  (Harry Warren,Al Dubin)
3  Why Try To Change me now (Cy coleman,J.McCarthy)
4  Sushi   (Oscar Peterson)  MP3    
5  On A Misty Night  (Tadd Dameron)
6 Don´t Go To Strangers (A.Kent/D.Mason,Redd Evans)
7  Is That So?  (Duke Pearson)
8  Nice People   (Jimmy Heath)

1  Gran trine
2  I chin reading
3  Si, señora
4  JAB         
5  Before It happens
6  You can tell
7  Invisible ligth 
8 Splurge  
9 Lunar particles
10 Conclusive evidence
11 Tribute  

1 Pelotera  (Arturo Serra)  MP3
2 Kenny´s Hands (Arturo Serra) 
3 Portrait Of Jenny (G.burdge,J.rusell) 
4  Jiterburg Waltz (Fat Waller)
5  Advertence (Arturo Serra) 
6  Lindeza (Caetano Veloso)
7  My Own Steps (Arturo Serra)
8  Otaner  (Arturo Serra) MP3
9  Jerry´s smile (Arturo Serra)
10 Otaner alt. take  ( Arturo Serra) 

1  Bossa For Baby (Hank Mobley)  
2  Tumult (Arturo Serra) 
3 A Moment With You (Arturo Serra) 
4  Because I love You (Tom Harrell)
5  You be So NIce To Come Home (Cole Porter)
6  Etiopia (Arturo Serra)
7 Morning Dream (Arturo Serra)
8 Love Came on Stealthy Fingers  (Bob Dorough)
9  Trane Trance (Arturo Serra) MP3 
10 Double Monk blues (Arturo Serra)
11 United (Wayne Shorter)  

1  Strollin´ (Horace Silver) 
2  I´ll Remember April (Don Ray, Gene de paul ,Pat johnson)
3  I Fall In Love To Easily (Jules Styne,Sammy Cahn)
4  Old folks (Willard Robison ,Dedette Lee Hill)
5 There Will Be Never Another You(Harrry warren ,Mack Gordon)
6  These foolish things (Jack Strachey,Harry Link)
7  Sweet Georgia Brown (M. Pinkard,B.bernie,K. Casey)
8  Witchcraft (Cy Coleman, Carolin Leigh)
9  Tea For two (Vincent Youmas,Irvin Caesar)
10 Crazeolozy (Bud Powell)
11 On the Sunny Side Of The Street (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy

NewSteps 3007 CD   

Arturo Serra    Loud-zee 


Arturo Serra  vibes
Virxilio Da Silva guitar
Antonio Miguel bass
Iago Fernandez drums

NewSteps 3006 CD   

Arturo Serra Quintet   Seeker 


Arturo serra vibes
Ernesto Aurignac alto sax
Idafe perez trumpet
Dee Jay Foster bass
Ramon Prats drums

NewSteps 3005 CD  
Arturo Serra & Miquel Casany   Holding Hands 


Arturo serra vibes
Miquel casany guitar
Juan galiardo hammond organ
Xavi Hinojosa drums

NewSteps 3004 CD   

Arturo Serra   Sin Bergonzi


Arturo Serra Vibes     
Pedro Cortejosa tenor
Dee Jay Foster   bass
Markku Ounaskari  drums

NewSteps 3003 CD   

Arturo Serra   Lindeza 


Arturo Serra         Vibes , marimba
Ernesto Aurignac  alto sax
David Pastor Trumpet
Roger Mas piano
Bori Albero Bass
 Xavi Hinojosa drums

NewSteps 3002 CD   

Arturo Serra   A Moment With You  


Arturo Serra          Vibes , marimba
Pedro Cortejosa tenor , soprano sax       
 Juan Galiardo Piano    

Dimitri Skidanov bass
Esteve Pi drums

NewSteps 3001 CD   

Arturo Serra   Old Folks


Arturo serra        Vibes , marimba       
Carlos Pino         Guitar

Dimitri Skidanov       bass

Disco 2
1 A lark
2 Rain waltz
3 Evanesscense
4 Lullabye
5 Mirage
6 And now there´s you
7 Phantom of the bop era
8 Up in the air

1 simetrias                     11 el anillo
 2 despertando             12 un mundo redondo
 3 al sol                           13 (Oculto)
 4 freebop                      14 simetrias
 5 tres motivos             15 simetrias
 6 angel
 7 simetrias
 8 arcadia
 9 fotografia
 10 mar verde

cd 1
Children songs              Chick Corea
1 to 20

suite without words  (Fred Hersch)
the moons lullaby
aivil son   ( jose carra)


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NewSteps 3015 CD   

jose carra   EWIG


jose carra piano

deejay foster bass

ramon prats drums

1 heavyweight   Jimmy McGriff
2 baubles bangles and beads    Robert Wright,            George Forrest
3 repetition        Neal Hefti
4 this is new        Kurt Weill
5 meeting          René Thomas
6  teach me tonight     Gene de paul
7 sckooche       Horace Mcparlan
8 You've Changed   Bill Carey , Carl Fischer
9 tour de force     Dizzy Gillespie
10 Lollipops and Roses     Tony Vela
11 vista de mar      Phil Wilkinson

NewSteps 3027 CD   

Arturo serra   & Miquel casany   organ days


arturo Serra   vibraphone

miquel casany  guitar
phil wilkinson   hammond organ
ramon prats   drums


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1 uptown dance ( perico Sambeat)
2 tudo bem ( frits landesbergen)
3 all my tomorrows ( Jimmy van Heusen)
4 brecon bacons ( juan galiardo()
5 game (woody shaw)
6 cheers ( jackie clean)
7 veras waltz ( atsuko shimada)
8 bop zone  ( kirk mcdonald)

NewSteps 3030 CD   

Arturo serra   Tudo bem


arturo Serra   vibraphone

antonio gonzalez  alto sax
juan galiardo piano 

pedro campos bass

santi colomer drums


1 the back beat ( horace silver)

2 stormy wonder ( juan galiardo)

3 jean marie  ( Ronnie Matthews)

4 duke ellington´s sound of love ( charles mingus)

5 Dark Side, Light Side ( george cables)

6 bouquet ( tom harell)

7 barbara ( horace silver)

8 silent rain ( kenny barron)

NewSteps 3029 CD   

Arturo serra       dark side , ligth side   


arturo Serra   vibraphone

antonio gonzalez  saxo
juan galiardo   piano

pedro campos  bass
santi colomer   drums


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!  scroll down into this  page for more albums !



1. THE FAR SIDE ( kate williams)

2. WHERE’D IT GO ( Carmen lundy)

3. CUARTADA ( juan galiardo)

4. CUT PLUG ( sonny stitt)

5. DON’T EXPLAIN ( billy holiday)

6. CIRCUS (louis alter )

7. BRIGHT COLORS ( chip white)

8. AQUARIAN MELODY (  harold ousel)

NewSteps 3031 CD   

 Antonio gonzalez & Arturo serra       bright colors


arturo Serra   vibraphone

antonio gonzalez  saxo
juan galiardo   piano

miquel alvarez bass

martin andersen drums